Gain an experienced partner

Turn your appraisal projects over to our experienced team, and we will deliver a reviewed, certified, and 100%-compliant project while working with your staff and local approved appraisers.

Don’t pay a dime

Our fee is typically passed on to the customer along with the appraisal cost, though you have the option to add ancillary services to be covered by your lending institution.

Operate with efficiency

Our secure online portal is available for ordering 24/7, and we monitor every detail of a process that has been refined over many years.

Ensure independence

Oxford reviewers are independent. We do not have an affiliated brokerage, which means no conflict of interest, and our reviewers do not compete for local assignments.

Rely on our expertise

Several of our reviewers carry the prestigious MAI designation:

  • George Denman, MAI
  • Jack Sheehan, MAI, AI-GRS
  • John Wilson, MAI, AI-GRS
  • Joseph Rusin, MAI
  • Robert Klein, MAI, MRICS
  • Lisa Heeney, MAI
  • Frank Trupia, MAI
  • John Eckhoff, MAI
  • Joseph Corbett, MAI
  • Adam Weber, MAI
  • Russ Di Lello, MAI
  • Irene Sandborg, MAI
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