Tips for Better Communication between Lenders & AMCs

By: George Denman Tips for Better Communication between Lenders & AMCs The appraisal process completed quicker and compliantly when all overseeing parties are on the same page. The experts at Oxford share best practices for financial lenders and AMCs As more and more appraisers continue to enter the industry of commercial real estate, there’s no doubt that banks […]

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What The Commercial Appraisal Process Is Not

By: George Denman What The Commercial Appraisal Process Is Not… There is often confusion within the commercial real estate world regarding what an appraisal is. Well, let’s start with what it isn’t… As leaders in the commercial real estate appraisal management industry, we at Oxford too often notice confusion around exactly what the commercial appraisal process is… and what it […]

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Passing the Stress Test: Federal Reserve Turns Focus to Commercial Real Estate

By: George Denman Earlier this year, the Federal Reserve released a broad description of criteria for its 2017 “stress test,” which is meant to measure how well the largest U.S. banks would fare in a financial crisis like the one in 2008. This year, the Fed is putting a larger focus on commercial real estate and even banks […]

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Appraisal Reliance Language From the Appraiser’s Perspective

By: George Denman What happens when a lender requests reliance language that increases the appraiser’s liability risk? Lenders engaged in securitizing or syndicating commercial and multifamily property loans require some sort of reliance language in an appraiser’s reports. Likewise, all lenders have an obligation to themselves and their customers to ensure that an appraiser’s report can be relied upon. […]

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