Tips for Timely Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

There are many reasons a commercial real estate appraisal might be needed. Some examples include: Helping prospective sellers set selling prices or prospective buyers make decisions about offering prices Assisting the lender in establishing a value of security for a mortgage supporting lease negotiations For tax assessments For appeals of tax assessments To help with […]

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How Lenders and AMCs Can Enjoy Healthy Partnerships

Lenders can have a stable and thriving relationship with their Appraisal Management Companies if the right questions are discussed by both parties on the front-end, if clear channels of communication are established and maintained, and if there is a full understanding of the AMC’s process. When lenders and AMCs keep these areas of focus in […]

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Five Ways to Ensure Fast and Efficient REO Asset Disposition

One of the most important metrics of REO asset disposition is how quickly the property moves from its investor’s portfolio of properties back onto the real estate market. To make this process fast and efficient, investors, asset managers, and lenders need to be organized, aware of the local market, clear communicators, creative marketers, and aligned with dependable partners and […]

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Best Practices for Better Lender-AMC Communication 

As more and more appraisers flock to the commercial real estate sector, there’s no doubt regarding the benefit that banks and lenders receive by working with a trusted Appraisal Management Company (AMC). Even if the AMC does not have a specific, affiliated brokerage, both parties will be able to rest assured knowing that they’re working […]

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