How Appraisal Management Companies Ensure Turn Times & KPIs

In the commercial real estate industry, lenders and servicers team up with trusted appraisal management companies (AMCs) who will be able to clearly describe the exchange buyers expect to receive for their consideration (fees) on a piece of property. When an AMC signs the agreement with the buyer, that company is promising that its appraisers […]

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A Closer Look at Exposure Time in the Appraisal Review Process

Before making any lending decisions, financial institutions must obtain appraisals of the property. Professional, commercial real estate appraisals are highly structured by many factors, including what type of information must be included and disclosed within the report. But if both the appraisers themselves and appraisal reports are also highly regulated, why is a formal appraisal […]

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The Importance of Commercial Appraisal Management in Market Sectors

Regardless of the ups and downs through the trend cycle, experts agree that the commercial real estate market is unwavering. Now that we’re well into the year’s halfway mark, the appraisal management experts at Oxford AMC are breaking down today’s current trends in the top commercial real estate sectors. After all, the necessities, trends, and […]

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Emerging Technologies in Commercial Appraisal

By: George Denman Across the board in the modern professional world, technology is a huge influencer. Without fail, 2018 is proving to be another year where the lines between the commercial real estate world and technological advances continue to blur. And as our world continues to favor the technological advances of the world, we at […]

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