Our Process

We wrap our system around yours to ensure that you – and your regulators – are happy.

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You Order

You submit a request for an appraisal through our online portal. Access is Internet-based, highly secure, and available 24/7. Once you complete and submit the details about the property, your appraisal project begins.


We Bid Out

We bid out the project using your approved appraiser list. Because your local relationships are important to you, they are important to us.


You Select

You select the winning bid based on your criteria. We present you with the options we’ve compiled, and you choose the appraiser we will engage on your behalf.


We Engage

We engage the appraiser on your behalf. We believe our clients are our partners, and we pursue the completion of your project with the utmost efficiency and professionalism.


We Monitor & Certify

We monitor the appraiser throughout the process. You will receive automated email updates notifying you of progress. When completed, we will review and certify the appraisal for 100% compliance.


We Store & Secure

All documents are available online for five years, and you will have access through login credentials. We operate from a high-availability secure system architecture that is fully customizable for the access and security levels you require. You will also have access to quarterly reports showing client and market/industry data.


Other Services

We can also review your existing appraisal policy and conduct annual reviews of your approved appraiser list.

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We worked for years tying to handle appraisal orders internally.  Our process was cumbersome and inefficient.  Once we receive the appraisal, getting it reviewed was another nightmare.  I wish we found Oxford sooner.  The difference is night and day.  Now we can focus on the lending process.

Oxford AMC has been fantastic to work with.  They understand the lending process and our regulatory environment.  Oxford provides administration and real estate expertise that we could never assemble or afford.  And the best part is we are able to pass the cost of appraisal administration and review along to our customers as part of the overall appraisal cost.